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Portugal Real Estate Summit 2019

Event with more than 350 investors in Estoril

On September 26th and 27th, the Hotel Palácio Estoril hosted what is the most important national forum for real estate investment. The newly created SIGI were one of the highlights of the event, an instrument that could act as a gateway into Portugal for large global investors, believe 63% of the real estate operators present at the Portugal Real Estate Summit. In one of the real-time interactive questionnaires carried out during the course of the conference work, 63% responded in this way, while 24% even consider that SIGI will be the preferred way to invest in real estate in Portugal.

In five years, the SIGI- Sociedades de Investimento e Gestão Imobiliária, the so-called Portuguese REITs, will function above all as an alternative vehicle for large investors to allocate capital to Portuguese real estate. This was one of the main conclusions of this real estate investment forum.

Dominique Moerenhout, CEO of EPRA, considered, during his speech on the first day of work, that «the introduction of a REITs regime in Portugal is a great opportunity for the sector», especially at a time when «the panorama of investors in the real estate is changing significantly and these types of vehicles are great entry points for non-specialized investors».

From the investors’ side, Alexandre Fernandes, Sonae Sierra’s Director of Asset Management Europe, considers that «the introduction of a MIS system in Portugal is very advantageous for investors, especially for those who develop a pan-European investment strategy, as provides greater transparency and ease of access to the market’. As the most important Iberian forum for debate on real estate investment and a meeting point for the main national and international investors active in Portugal and Spain, the Portugal Real Estate Summit intends to continue to be a map to identify the best investment opportunities in the market Portuguese. At a time when Portugal is attracting more and more attention from both multinational companies and highly qualified professionals, investment opportunities were presented to the international investor community for the main investors in the world, where Sérgio Saraiva, administrator of Baía do Tejo and representing the Lisbon South Bay, participated in a panel where the best kept investment secrets were debated. Opportunities for Portugal in the new economy and in new segments were also highlighted under the theme of “Why and where to invest in Portugal”, with speeches by the CEO of Novo Banco Imobiliário, the President of Grupo SIL and the real estate partner of Explorer Investment.