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Business Parks and Water City receive renowned visits

The continued work of promoting the assets of Baía do Tejo has ensured that the Lisbon South Bay territories are increasingly recognized and the target of interest. The assets of Baía do Tejo present in the municipalities of Almada, Barreiro and Seixal recently received two important visits that enhance these territories and allow their assets to be confirmed and reach the most diverse destinations and register on the radar of potential investors.

The Lisbon South Bay territories received the distinguished visit of the diplomatic corps of Qatar, with the delegation being led by His Excellency, the Ambassador of Qatar in Portugal. The visit, conducted by the administration of Baía do Tejo, had the commitment and representation at the highest level of the municipalities involved.

In Almada, President Inês de Medeiros accompanied all the steps of the diplomatic delegation’s visit, which took place in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The Ambassador of Qatar also showed particular appreciation for the visit to the Industrial Museum of Baía do Tejo, in Barreiro, where the entire history of one of the most important industrial complexes in Europe in the 20th century is highlighted. XX.