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Business Park

Association of Women Ambassadors Visit

In an initiative of the Municipality of Almada, the former Lisnave was visited by a distinguished group of Women Ambassadors who wanted to know more about the territory and the projects planned for it.

Baía do Tejo, which has the Margueira complex as one of the assets under its management, made known the space and the Cidade da Água project, which is planned for the site, in a visit that was accompanied by administrator Sérgio Saraiva.

In the wake of a very wide range of visits to the territories managed by the Baía do Tejo, the business parks and the Margueira complex, future Cidade da Água, in Almada, already have many dozens of initiatives that have brought diplomatic corps, business delegations to the territories. , chambers of commerce and investor groups from many countries and virtually every continent.

The assets of Baía do Tejo have shown interest and capacity to attract investment and this promotion tool has been one of the most enhanced by Baía do Tejo, as a way to make known the unique characteristics of its assets.